Roku Is Planning For IPO Before The End Of 2017.

Roku might opt for IPO until the end of this year as is estimated that Roku can make more than $1 billion from its IPO. It’s been reported that Morgan Stanely and Citigroup are recruited to fasten the process for IPO.

The company was continuously looking for a solution to overcome the loss due to its ban in Mexico. Firstly they tried hard to remove this prohibition by making an appeal in the Mexican court, but it did not work for the long term. So now they are deciding to make the initial public offering for its stocks. Roku is the one among the best streaming devices so is expected to gain a huge number of investors for its shares.

Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, and Allen are recently appointed for the processing of the IPO. The company and these people have not given any official statement regarding this IPO. It is being said that the Roku wants to keep it confidential for few days until they come to a final decision with decides cost for this IPO. It is being reported that company is looking to make around $1 billion from this IPO. Thus it might take time for the company to reveal any official statement after finalizing all the things needed to make this IPO work in a great way.

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Earlier it was reported by Fortune that the Roku might increase the additional funding by $200 million, but now it is stated that the company might look for public market capital for this extra funding. It has been accounted that company suffered a Market loss of around 36% since the March this year when it was highlighted for the first time but still the company recovered, and this loss decreased and came to 26% only by the end of the April 2017. Still, the company is making a lot of many efforts to zero this loss in the market value. Besides all this loss Roku still holds a huge customer base and will make all efforts to keep them with it by not leaving a chance to go.

Previously the company for manufacturing the Roku streaming devices and licensed operating systems for many smart T.V’s. TCL and many other television companies including pay TV operators serve as the customer base for Roku by purchasing the operating systems made by it. Roku is now giving license to some top television companies to develop an inbuilt Roku T.V. This might not only prove to be the best way for the Roku to survive in the Mexican market, but also increase the existing customer base of Roku which was almost 15 million accounts till the end of June this year. Thus according to the market research companies Comscore card, the Roku was rated within the top streaming devices used in United states.

Many people in the United States now don’t rely on the cable companies to watch T.V because they just use the media streaming device to stream all the television content without needing to pay the cable companies. Thus Roku might have thought it a perfect time to present the IPO to its market. Many big media companies have joined Roku by showing interest as investors. Viacom21st Century Fox, Hearst and Dish Network Corp are few of these media companies.

For more updates on this IPO keep watching news related to Roku and wait for the company to declare any public statement on it.


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